Are you interested in having Luchador Coffee products in your store?

Now you can! Did you know Luchador coffee is now offering its products at wholesale for other businesses to offer to their patrons? This can be your summation point where you can now start selling Luchador coffee products from this Sacramento coffee shop at your store. We have a variety of Luchador inspired products for you to implement within your establishment.

Call us today at 916-515-8272 or send us an email if you are interested at info@luchadorcoffee.net We will have someone on our team get back to you within 24 hours.

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What types of products do we have available for you to provide to your customers?

Aside from our cold brew coffee, that we provide hand bottled, we can also have other businesses purchase a wide variety of our Luchador inspired products. For example, we have Luchador masks, energy drinks that are Luchador coffee labeled, Luchador bottle openers that come in a variety of colors such as black, red, and blue. Aside from that, you can also have Luchador coffee and Luchador Enterprises products within the walls of your store as well. This also includes Luchador masks. We have a wide variety of over 100 different types of Luchador masks available for your business to sell as well. These are both from WWE inspired wrestlers as well as Mexican inspired wrestlers too. These are made by handcrafted artisans in Mexico, who use their skills and talents to provide the best quality goods and services. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Luchador coffee handmade and hand embroidered caps, you definitely should.

We also have a variety of different drinks available for you to sell to your customers in your store as well. These include our wide variety of handcrafted espresso drinks from this Sacramento Coffee Shop. We have our full Nelson, the has espresso, chocolate hazelnut and vanilla syrups, and your choice of milk. Our horchata latte, which is espresso and horchata milk. The Huracarana has espresso, Mexican Chocolate, and espresso. our Cocoloco has freshly made coconut syrup, espresso, and milk. The Espectro Mocha, which contains housmade chocolate, espresso, and milk. Our Fuego Guerrero is a great option too, with housemade Mexican Chocolate, espresso, and milk. The mocha blanca is a white mocha with espresso, white chocolate, and milk. The Minty Mysterio is a twist on a mint latte that also includes vanilla, espresso, and milk for a perfectly balanced minty coffee concoction. Finally, we have our Churro Latte with is our most famous and sweets drink to deput the menu recently which tastes like caffeinated churro heaven that is sure to dropkick your tastebuds with caffeinated flavour heaven that you will never forget from this Sacramento coffee shop. Aside from espresso and coffee based drinks, we have also added some new menu items to our wholesale list. These include teas, and tea lattes, as well as our new Luchador energy drink lineup. We can bottle Thai Teas, Chai teas, and Matcha lattes as well. Furthermore, our new Lucha energy drinks are to die for.

These are not in bottles like our other drinks, these our canned. The reason for this is because they are carbonated and under pressure. The first energy drink we have available is called the mutual chip. This drink includes blue raspberry. Our Luchadora energy drink is made with pink raspberry. The Hayabusa Luchador energy drink is made with blue raspberry as well as strawberry for a flavorful caffeinated cake that is sure to fire up all the cells in your body to get maximum production data. Finally we also have an horchata that can be regularly served as an energy drink, strawberry horchata energy, as well as our have Jamaica energy drink too. All of our energy drinks are made with a natural plant-based energy concentrate that does not have any of the bad things you would find in a redbull or monster energy drink. These Luchador energy drinks also taste way better with no artificial colors or flavors. Most of our coffee drinks that are bottles can also be mad with a dairy substitute such as almond or soy milk for everyone to enjoy.

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Wouldn’t you love to have Luchador coffee products in your store?

The reason you would want to have our products in your store, is because of the unique value and branding we provide. We are able to market our products and services to a wide variety of individuals in a multitude of areas. With that being said, if someone new. If a new customer, walks into your store, they will be more likely to buy from a brand who has a better brand than one who is less recognizable in the marketplace. Luchador coffee is Sacramento’s highest rated and reviewed Sacramento coffee shop. With that, our fan base is very dense wide and something you can tap into. Again, contact us today to have a Luchador coffee team member at the Sacramento coffee shop who is because see you and see how we can do business together. Our philosophy is the more the merrier and we would love to create win-win situation for all of our partners. Want to become a part of the Luchador family today and join forces with this Sacramento coffee shop, give us a call at 9165158272.