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Have You Heard About This Place Called Luchador Coffee?

Are you ready to try Luchador coffee drinks on the go? If so, you can now enjoy any and all of our handcrafted coffee beverages at any time of the day. We are now offering all of our specialty coffee drinks bottled, for you to enjoy anywhere and anytime. Currently, this Sacramento coffee shop has an array of drinks we are now offering for your enjoyment. Are your tastebuds ready to enter into the Luchador Coffee wrestling ring of heavenly caffeinated goodness? Do not fear, Luchador Coffee, your favorite Sacramento coffee shop is here.


The first in our lineup is our most popular drink to date since the opening of our retail Sacramento coffee shop location at 2380 Watt Ave #135 inside Country Club Plaza. This drink is called the Huracarana. Huracarana actually translates to the English word ‘Hurricane.’ It is a famous wrestling move coined by Mr. Huracan Ramirez, a famous Luchador wrestler. We named this drink after him because it has such an eccentric combination of flavors and caffeine that it will blow your mind. It contains two shots of our decadent and slowly pulled espresso, horchata milk, and our house-made Mexican chocolate. The label on the front of the drink actually displays how the wrestling move is done if you care to wrestle your friends after drinking some of this deliciousness.

Sacramento Coffee Shop Huracarana Bottled 3

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The Full Nelson

The Full Nelson is our second most popular drink named after a wrestling move. This drink includes espresso, milk, & house-made vanilla and chocolate hazelnuts syrups.

It is the perfect combination for those that love mochas and vanilla lattes.

Sacramento Coffee Shop Full Nelson Bottled 2

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Horchata Latte

Our Horchata Latte is sweet and simple, literally. It combines the chocolate and dark berry notes of our espresso into a perfect latte with just a touch of sweetness from the horchata milk. If you prefer your coffee perfectly balanced, as opposed to either more or the sweet side or a tad bit on with bitter side like a regular latte, then this Sacramento coffee shop has the drink for you.

Sacramento Coffee Shop Horchata Latte Bottled

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The Piledriver

The Piledriver is a wonderfully sweet and chocolatey drink that is as iconic as the wrestling move itself. This concoction includes our espresso, milk, house-made chocolate, and condensed milk.

Sacramento Coffee Shop Piledriver Bottled

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Mocha Blanca

Our Mocha Blanca is a Luchador style white mocha for the more traditional coffee drinker in you. Featuring our espresso with milk and white chocolate this is a classic that cannot be missed.

Sacramento Coffee Shop Mocha Blanca Bottled

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916 Latte

The 916 Latte is another one of our top-selling drinks. This beverage pays homage to our roots and where we established our brand. The area code of Sacramento is 916. If you are a Sacramento native, this is a must-try! Made with espresso, milk, and our house-made brown sugar cinnamon syrup, it is a one of a kind latte that makes Sacramento proud!

Sacramento Coffee Shop 916 Latte Bottled

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Espectro Mocha

The Espectro Mocha is also another standard, but way better than your standard mocha. Does that even make sense? Yes! It totally does, because just like the famous Luchador, El Espectro, we always have to add a twist to our drinks. We handcraft all of our chocolate mixes and syrups, which means that the chocolate in this drink has been created by the finest coffee crafters in town using some of the highest quality cocoa to showcase a beautiful chocolate flavor that complements our coffee well.

Sacramento Coffee Shop Espectro Mocha Bottled

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The Cocoloco sounds just like it’s name. If you’re crazy for coconuts, this is the drink for you! Made with house-made coconut syrup, you will feel as though you are a Luchador drinking from the coconuts of Hawaii with every sip.

Sacramento Coffee Shop Cocoloco Bottled

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Minty Mysterio

The Minty Mysterio pays homage to one of the greatest luchadors of all time- Rey Mysterio. Made with our housemade vanilla and mint syrups, this drink is as cool as Rey’s mask and way cooler than the other side of the pillow! Drink away before getting ready for your day and you’ll be off to the races the Luchador way!

Sacramento Coffee Shop Minty Mysterio Bottled

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Churro Latte

The Churro Latte is a handcrafted specialty unlike no other. We spent a vast amount of time perfecting this formula to actually make this drink taste like a churro. It’s a lot of cinnamon-y sweet goodness with a caffeine kick to the face, that reminds you of the fresh, warm, pastry you crave. We also add some raw Demerara sugar to mimic the outer sugar coating of a churro pastry. Enjoy amigos!

Sacramento Coffee Shop Churro Latte Bottled

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Cafe de Olla Cold Brew

Finally, we cannot forget about the drink that made us begin to bottle our handcrafted beverages- our Cafe de Olla Cold Brew. This is unlike any other cold coffee drink you have ever tasted. Voted one of the best cold and iced coffees in the area, we infuse our Thrill of the Kill medium roast and Abismo Negro dark roast with different types of sugars and spices to create one of the best drinks known to man. It has been known to be so good that Luchadors are willing to take their masks off just to try it!

Sacramento Coffee Shop Cafe De Olla Bottled Blue Bright

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Whether you are unable to visit one of our retail or mobile locations, you live out of town, or are in an entirely different state, but have heard about this one of a kind Sacramento coffee shop and would like to try the many different options available, now you can!

Order yourself any of our bottled drinks or assortment of coffee beans today by visiting our online store where you will find an array of Luchador Coffee products. You can also call us at 916-515-8272. We can hand deliver any of our beverages or products to your door locally or ship them out to you nationally.

Join the Luchador Coffee Family! Stop settling for mediocre coffee. Drink great coffee. Drink Coffee for Champions. Drink Luchador Coffee! Viva la Lucha!