About Us


At Luchador Coffee, our mission is simple-

“To Create a Unique & Memorable Craft Coffee Experience for Every Person we have to Opportunity to Serve!”

"Coffee for Champions'

Lucha Libre & Coffee

How do they fit in the same box?

We made it happen….

Let’s face it- Coffee has become a commodity, and third wave coffee shops are all beginning to look the same, UNTIL NOW!!!

LUCHADOR COFFEE is serious about breathing new life into the Sacramento Coffee Scene! We pride ourselves on being Different while creating the best handcrafted drinks for our patrons! From the color scheme, the layout, to the food & drink menu, we are independently unique!


"Coffee is man's gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility"
- One Awesome Person

The Man Behind the Mask

     After graduating from Christian Brothers High School in 2017, Victor Khoustekian hit the ground running by receiving his real estate license before his high school diploma and starting a career in the real estate industry. He worked as a Realtor and founded Sacramento Cash Home Buyers, a real estate investing company, as well as Arete Media, a digital marketing, advertising, and consulting agency focused on the growth and success of small businesses.

Growing up in the food industry, working at his uncle’s restaurant, and a variety of other restaurants including Rescate Coffee, and many others, Victor mixed his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for coffee and the food industry to start Luchador Coffee, alongside Flaming Grill Cafe, both located inside Country Club Plaza in Sacramento, California. 

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