About Us

sacramento-coffee-shop-group-photoLuchador Coffee is a one of a kind coffee experience founded in Sacramento, California. Our first location opened in early February of 2019 inside of the Country Club Plaza Mall on Watt and El Camino Avenue. This Sacramento coffee shop differentiates itself from its competition by having pride in being independently unique. We achieve this in many ways! First, our theme speaks for itself- Lucha Libre! The word ‘luchador’ is Spanish for ‘wrestler’ and more symbolically literally translates into ‘fighter.’ We believe that every successful individual must wrestle and fight for their dreams to come true in life, and by drinking Luchador Coffee, Coffee for Champions, we can help inspire the champion within you! We also have an exciting podcast called The Coffee Talk Podcast where we chat with and interview different entrepreneurs that are local within the Sacramento region, throughout the United States, and internationally while we sip on some delicious Luchador Coffee! Secondly, we love to have fun! When you walk into one of our brick and mortar locations or come to one of our pop ups to check out our coffee trailer, you will be enamored by the bright hues of red and blue as well as the hand painted art made by local artists within the area that love our Sacramento coffee shop! Finally, you have to try our delicious drink options! The many drinks available are unlike any other you will find at your traditional coffee spot. For example, our signature 916 Latte, which showcases our pride for our hometown while paying homage to one of the most famous and fascinating Luchadores of all time, Rey Mysterio. This drink fuses the dark chocolate and caramel notes of our freshly roasted espresso roast with our house made brown sugar cinnamon syrup to create a one of a kind mouthwatering latte you will be talking about for months on end and will have to return again and again to this Sacramento coffee shop.

Our Country Club location is open six days a week at this Sacramento coffee shop. We are open Tuesday through Sunday. Our hours of operation are as follow. Weekdays we are open from 10AM to 7PM. Fridays and Saturdays we are open from 9:30AM to 9PM and Sundays we are open from 9:30AM to 6PM. Our mobile coffee trailer, Luchador Coffee Mobile, can be reserved for private events as well as any and all special events. You can also find us throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area for different festivals, foodie-fairs, and pop ups. We have already done many pop ups at The Kitchen Table in East Sacramento, the Tomato Alley Collective and Kuture in Midtown Sacramento, as well as Elk Grove, Natomas, Suisin City, Fairfield, and beyond. Make sure to follow our Instagram or Facebook pages to stay updated on where our coffee trailer will be located. Who knows, we could be close to you! If not, visit our retail location at 2380 Watt Avenue #135 located inside Country Club Plaza.

Luchador Coffee is sure to delight anyone! The only destination you can have a quality cup of freshly brewed caffeinated heaven and buy a Luchador Mask, all in the same place is this one of a kind Sacramento coffee shop. We also have a variety of other trinkets and Luchador merchandise as well! Check out the Luchador Store to see the vast selection of Lucha Libre inspired attire we have to offer. Who loves pan dulce? Concha Power! Instead of the traditional French pastries you will find at every other coffee establishment, we offer freshly baked Mexican Bread that pairs exceptionally well with our drink selection. There is a great selection of pastries to choose from. The concha, which means ‘shell’ is of the most popular and is an airy sweet bread. We also fill these pastries with your choice of ice cream or edible cookie dough to delight your sweet tooth! We also offer nino envueltos, which are jelly rolls with either strawberry or custard fillings, elotes, which translate into corn, but are a sweet bread with a slight but not overpowering cinnamon taste. Furthermore, we offer puerquitos, a pig shaped gingerbread, chocolate chip and sprinkle cookies, as well as polvorones, a pink crumbly sugar cookie, and empanadas filled of pumpkin, custard, or pineapple. You must also try our selection of coffees. Our Decaf Roast, which features subtle flavors of cocoa nibs and berry is sure to sooth your coffee fix, without the jitters. Our Espresso Roast tastes of bakers chocolate, brown sugar, and caramel and brings out its balanced yet pronounced flavor in almost any drink. The Abismo Negro Dark Roast captivates the palate with its full body and hints of black cherry, plum, and has a slight smokiness as well. These three come from different regions within Mexico. Our Thrill of the Kill Medium Roast is from Brazil and tastes of a well-balanced medium bodied coffee with notes of milk chocolate and slightly nutty. Finally, our Powerbomb Light Roast is sourced from Ethiopia, crisp, bright, and features flavors with hints of blueberry, lemongrass, and citrus.

We specialize in creating the best coffee experience for our patrons. Each time you visit us we have something special to offer. This Sacramento coffee shop breathes new life into the coffee scene! Whether you are a coffee aficionado, caffeine junkie, an enthusiastic wrestling fan, or an awesome human being, it is our obligation to create a drink you will love! Don’t settle for average coffee, drink Luchador Coffee! Visit this Sacramento coffee shop today or give us a call at 916.515.8272